The performance of "T20"

A very short-term strategy for your capital, with a moderate rate of risk.

History and real mode performance of the T20 robot since February 2020

% 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025
February 41,26
Mars 152,16
April 30,81
May 20,99
June 23,18
July -13,21
TOTAL 502,69%
Features of T20

The strategy of the forex trading robot T20 is based on a short negotiation term (Intraday only) of 8 currency pairs. These currency pairs are chosen for their liquidity and controlled correlations.

The Money Management is a cornerstone of the strategy and ensures that daily and secure gains at the rate of limited risk.

This robot steers a portfolio that meets the expectations of the most demanding investors in terms of performance and safety.

Its design was developed in view of the unprecedented behaviour of the markets linked to the financial crisis of 2020 and Covid19.

The short duration of the negotiations makes it possible to make good use of today's high volatilities. Only the sessions European and American are processed.

Il présente une 84% profitability, i.e. the average of winning trades is 5.5 times higher to the average number of losing trades.

Its profit factor is 3.5, The gains are 3.5 times greater than the losses.

The performances recorded on this robot being exceptional, it is advisable to remain prudent on the amounts invested. This is why you can benefit from this portfolio with a minimum capital of 500 euros.

To benefit from the performance of the "T20" robot, click here.

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